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Chanel (Communications management, now Junior online Marketeer at AdsVentures)

Foto Chanel Bronsgeest

Tell us something about yourself:

Hi, I am Chanel Bronsgeest. I am now 22 years old and live in Oosterbeek. At the moment I am working at AdsVentures as a junior online marketeer. This means that I am busy with keeping all the statistics, competition analysis, linkbuilding and articles up to date. Apart from that I am also responsible for selecting our interns, so if you want to apply at AdsVentures, ther’s a big chance you will be in contact with me! You can always ask me questions and make suggestions.

Before I started working as a junior marketeer, I also did my internship here. I studies Commercial Communication Management and graduated in May 2015. After that I started working at AdsVentures right away. My internship experience you will find below.

How did you end up at AdsVentures?

When I was looking for an internship, I stumbled upon AdsVentures pretty quickly. At first I wasn’t sure if this opening was right for me since I had no knowledge about trading and affiliate marketing, but I applied nonetheless. Very quickly I got a reply from the boss of Adsventures and I could even go for an interview that same week. During the interview I got a good picture of what the company is like and the boss told me that I did not need to have any knowledge about trading or affiliate marketing and this calmed me down a lot. After the interview both parties were very enthusiastic and on the same day we decided to work together.

What are your tasks at AdsVentures?

During my internship of 16 weeks I was mostly busy with my internship task, which was doing research on the communication style of AdsVentures. AdsVentures had never done research on the way they communicate via the websites, so I am now busy researching the target group of AdsVentures. However I do not limit myself to this; I also research the stakeholders and their demands. A very nice and interesting subject! I hope to be able to give AdsVentures some good advice after my research so that they can use it in the future.

Besides your internship task you also do some tasks for AdsVentures. Can you explain what these are?

As I mentioned earlier, I am working on my internship task, but only 50% of the time. The rest of the time I work for the company itself. These tasks are very broad. For example, I write articles for the websites and together with another intern we have launched some new websites. Right now my colleagues and I are developing the first trading course app! A nice and educational process.

What is the work atmosphere like?

The atmosphere is very good. There is hardly any hierarchy. Of course some have more responsibilities than others, but you don’t see this reflected in the work atmosphere. This makes consulting with your colleagues easy and quick.

In what ways has your internship contributed to your future?

So far I have already learned a lot during my time here. I can always take this knowledge with me into future jobs. I now know a lot more about trading and affiliate marketing than the average Dutch person. This can only be of advantage in the future.

Do you get paid for your internship?

Yes, I get paid a good amount. Many companies do not offer paid internships and I don’t agree with that. After all, you are still working for the company. So it is definitely a plus point that I receive compensation for my internship at AdsVentures.

Would you recommend this internship to a friend?

I would for sure recommend this internship to my friends. It is a very educational experience and a good working environment.