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Sam (student of Media, Information and Communication)


Please tell us about yourself
I am Sam Schut from Utrecht. I have been living in the city centre of Utrecht for all of my 21 years of life. I am now a 4th year student of Media, Information and Communication at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I chose to specialise in Media, Marketing & Publishing, which is really just a fancy term for marketing, with lots of information about media. I am also active as a footballer with SV Kampong, a sports club from Utrecht.

How did you end up at AdsVentures?
I was looking for an internship in the field of online marketing, as it is difficult for education to keep up with this and I had the idea that online is going to become increasingly important in the field of marketing. Furthermore, my requirements were that the company had experience with interns, so that I could be properly supervised and that it would not be too formal. I eventually found all this in AdsVentures. After sending an e-mail, I was soon invited to an interview and accepted for an internship.

What does your internship assignment at AdsVentures entail?
During my internship, I am responsible for the launch of applications. Because various apps are made by AdsVentures, I am constantly doing different things. At one time I may be writing a text and processing the right search terms, while another time, I may need to work with a developer to create the layout of an app. It is great fun to see the results of the apps I worked on after just a few weeks.

What is the work atmosphere like?
The atmosphere is one of the reasons I chose AdsVentures. It’s serious and people work hard, but everyone has time to help you and jokes are certainly appreciated. The group that works there is young, which means the atmosphere is an important priority. For instance, there is always a radio playing, and if you want to request a certain song, you can! If this is your first internship, I can definitely recommend AdsVentures, as the colleagues are very nice and quickly make you feel at home!

How do you think this internship contributes to your future?
I am learning many things about online marketing that received (too) little attention during my studies. Affiliate marketing is a subject that regularly came up during my internship, but now I am really working with it. This way, you learn to think from different angles and notice everything that is involved on a daily basis. I will definitely be able to use this in the future. Furthermore, I am learning a lot from colleagues, such as a developer taking the time to explain things about WordPress. It is not a requirement to have knowledge of this as a marketer, but it can certainly have added value for me compared to other marketers in the future.

Do you receive internship compensation?
Yes, which is very nice considering the fact that I need to pay rent and buy groceries during my internship. Thanks to this internship compensation, I don’t have to work during weekends in addition to my internship.

Would you recommend this internship to a friend?
I think AdsVentures is a perfect internship company. The atmosphere is informal and everyone is willing to help you, which allows you to learn a lot in a short time and feel at home quickly.