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Roberto (student of International Business & Management)

Please tell us about yourself
I am Roberto, 21 years old, and I live in Utrecht. I attend the HU (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht) where I am a 2nd year student of International Business & Management. I like doing things with my friends and working out, but making music is something I especially enjoy. Furthermore, I am an inquisitive person, so I try to learn as much as I can.

How did you end up at AdsVentures?
Like many other students, I started looking for a suitable internship on the Internet. The downside was that I would only be available for 11 weeks, while many companies indicate in their vacancies that they are looking for an intern for at least 6 months. I then found a vacancy by AdsVentures, and I was afraid I would have the same problem, but luckily, they were still looking for an intern for 11 weeks and I was invited to an interview. The reason I decided to apply at AdsVentures is because it is a young but professional company that is engaged in online marketing and online investing. These are two subjects that greatly appeal to me.

What does your internship assignment at AdsVentures entail?
Basically, my internship consists of two main parts. The first has to do with an internationally oriented study (which fits very well with my education) and the second part has to do with the content of one of the websites. I spend three days a week on the research, and the remaining two days, I spend writing content for one of the websites. All in all, there is a lot of variety in my work!

What is the work atmosphere like?
The atmosphere in the office is very pleasant. Of course, you need to get used to the new environment in the beginning, but this happens fairly quickly. I was guided well in the beginning and everyone was very nice and helpful, which I personally find especially important. Another big plus is that you mainly work with colleagues of your own age. The most important aspect is the fact that the hierarchy is organic, which means you can deal with colleagues in an informal but professional way!

How do you think this internship contributes to your future?
I personally think this internship will help me a lot in the future because I find investing and online marketing very interesting, and I am learning a lot about these things, I am certain this will prove to be of added value later in my career. The fact that you are expected to work independently also indicates that they are not afraid to give beginners like myself a lot of responsibility. This piece of independence is very important to me and allowed me to implement many improvements during my internship.

Do you receive internship compensation?
Yes! Just like everyone else, I receive internship compensation for my work.

Would you recommend this internship to a friend?
Absolutely! If you want to do and learn lots of different things, this is the perfect company. Of course, you must like working independently and taking on responsibility at the right moments! I would also definitely recommend AdsVentures for its atmosphere, which is informal and includes young students and interns.