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Niek (student Communication & Multimedia Design)

niek_nausTell us something about yourself:
I am Niek, 19 years old and a third year CMD student. In my free time I am often busy with activities such as sports, hanging out with friends and watching movies or series. Besides my internship I also work in a café called De Bruine Kip.

How did you end up at AdsVentures?
I asked a friend who also studied CMD, if he had any suggestions for internship placements and he came to me with AdsVentures, among others.

What are your tasks at AdsVentures?
I make video courses about trading, design websites and create logos for apps.

What is the work atmosphere like?
Good, I have nothing to complain about.

In what ways has your internship contributed to your future?
I think this internship will help me a lot with building up a portfolio. During my time here I have made a large amount of work that I can show off in the future.

Do you get paid for your internship?

Would you recommend this internship to a friend?
Absolutely! You really feel like a part of the company here and not just an extra help. The colleagues listen to you and take you seriously.