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Mischa (student of Business IT & Management)

Tell us about yourself
I am Mischa, a student of Business IT & Management at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Arnhem. During my studies, I was taught online marketing for a number of semesters. I learned the basics during these semesters. That is why I liked being able to use my knowledge in practice at AdsVentures. After all, that is the best way to learn.

How did you end up at AdsVentures?
I was looking for a suitable internship via various websites. I then went to the AdsVentures website and sent an e-mail. After some e-mail contact, I was invited to an interview.

What does your internship assignment at AdsVentures entail?
I mainly keep busy with SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation. In the end, I will provide advice about a strategy to be implemented by AdsVentures.

In addition to this internship assignment, you are also focused on other work for AdsVentures. Can you explain what this entails?
I write texts for the various websites we manage. I also regularly receive questions about my field from the director. For example, looking at a number of companies we are currently doing business with.

What is the work atmosphere like?
I am here with four other interns, all students in the field of online marketing. Even so, we all have a different assignment, since online marketing is so broad. Other than that, there are a few part-timers and the CEO.

How do you think this internship contributes to your future?
At this time, there is no one else at AdsVentures who does the work I am doing. Because of this, I am learning to work independently. Because I need to find out a lot of things myself, I am learning a lot about SEO as well. In the future, I may want to start my own consultancy or work at an online marketing department. If you already have work experience in the field of SEO, this is certainly a bonus.

Do you receive internship compensation?

Would you recommend this internship to a friend?
So far, I think this has been a very educational internship. If you are not afraid to find out a lot of things for yourself, I would definitely recommend it.