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Diana (student of International Business & Languages)

Please tell us about yourself
I am Diana and I am 23 years old. I live in Rotterdam and I study International Business and Languages. I am currently in the graduation phase. In my spare time, I love to catch movies at the cinema and eat out. I also love music and travelling.


How did you end up at AdsVentures?
I had been looking for a good graduation internship that met the requirements of the school for a while, and was having some trouble finding one until I found the AdsVentures vacancy online. It seemed like an interesting company to me, and the work also appealed to me, so I decided to give it a try and applied immediately. After sending my application letter, I received a response quite quickly. I was invited to an interview with AdsVentures that same week.


What does your internship assignment at AdsVentures entail?
For my research thesis, I am researching foreign investments apps. This includes studying the appeal of launching apps in different languages. I also work on the development of the foreign apps three days a week, and in the remaining two days, I work on my research thesis.


What is the work atmosphere like?
The atmosphere at AdsVentures is very pleasant. There is an informal yet professional atmosphere. Everyone treats each other with respect here, and there is excellent supervision.


How do you think this internship contributes to your future?
I think this internship will form a great contribution to my future because I am gaining a lot of experience in the fields of SEO, apps, and writing articles here. I can apply all of these in my future career in the field of online marketing. In addition, I am given a lot of responsibility here, which forces me to learn a lot.

 Do you receive internship compensation?
Yes, I receive internship compensation.

 Would you recommend this internship to a friend?
I would certainly recommend this internship to friends if they wanted to learn a lot in the field of online marketing and SEO. You gain a lot of experience here that can benefit you in your future career. In addition, you learn a lot due to the responsibilities you get and you are guided well during the internship.

Zou je deze stage aanbevelen aan vrienden?

Ik zou deze stage zeker aanbevelen aan vrienden als ze veel willen leren op het gebied van online marketing en SEO. Je doet namelijk veel ervaring hierin op die je zeker goed kan gebruiken voor je toekomstige carrière. Daarnaast leer je ook nog eens ontzettend veel door de verantwoordelijkheden die je krijgt en wordt je goed begeleid tijdens de stage.