Abdulkadir (student of Application and Media Development) 2016-11-15T09:36:25+00:00

Abdulkadir (student of Application and Media Development)

Say something about yourself
I am Abdulkadir and I live in Schiedam. I am interested in technology and I like to work with computers, especially due to growing up with computers. My hobbies include learning programming skills, reading books, a passion for cars, and reading technology news.


How did you end up at EasyWebsite?
I ended up here because I needed to find Ecabo-accredited internship companies through my school. While looking for an internship, I found this to be the most interesting company on the list.


What does your work at EasyWebsite entail?
I mainly work on modifying websites. Where necessary, I also edit images. In addition, I perform checks to make sure a website looks good.


What is the work atmosphere like?
I enjoy the atmosphere and receive proper assistance when I need it.


How do you think this internship contributes to your future?
It contributes to my future because it provides me with the opportunity to decide whether this is something I want to do in the future. It also allows me to gain some practical experience instead of just theoretical experience at school.


Do you receive any internship compensation?
Yes, I receive a fee that I am happy with; especially considering not every company provides internship compensation. For instance, my boyfriend does not receive any internship compensation.


Would you recommend this internship to a friend?
I would definitely recommend it to my friends, as it is great to gain practical experience. For example, I experienced what it is like to create a website for customers, from start to finish.